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Clarity matters

METAL does not work with clients as a vendor or supplier. We are partners in helping you grow your brand, working shoulder to shoulder. It brings out the best in us. It benefits the brand. It makes being passionate worth it. It is the only reason you should be hiring us.

Of course, we totally get it that this way of working will not suit every client. In which case, we are probably not right for you. See? Clarity helps, either way.

Clear Goals

Getting from A to B. We love organisations with definite plans. If you have well defined goals and willing to share them with us openly, we can be just the people you are looking to work with. Promise.

Clear Decisions

Surely, someone responsible for spending Rs.10+ crores on brand building can be fully involved with us? Without seagull overlords. Those who fly in once in a while and leave droppings. Please.

Clear Budget

Whatever the spends, if you don’t invest up to 10% of budget on intellectual capital (knowledge and ideas), and 15% more on production/execution, you tie our hands. Magicians, we are not.

Clear Time

Making time for serious brand building. Everyone knows how to fire-fight. Count on us. But raising hell all the time? Because that’s “the way it is in our industry”? Oh, come on. The problem is deeper.



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Kurien & Narayan

Do Roger Rabbit and Manoj Prabhakar mean anything to you?

If you have lived through words like QSQT, Gorbachev, Imran Khan, Pictionary, Roja, Phil Collins, Walkman, Indiana Jones, Parinda, Bon Jovi, ET, Berlin Wall, Fleetwood Mac, Tezaab, Beat it, Kimi Katkar, VHS, Boris Becker, Careless Whispers, Rubik’s Cube, Sanjay Gandhi, Andy Roberts, Just Do It, Chernobyl, Pretty Woman, Salman Rushdie, Lambi Judai, Roger Rabbit, Chetan Sharma and last-ball-six, hey, you should drop in and meet Kurien and Narayan. METAL’s promoters will be delighted to discuss how more things change, the more they are the same. Barring Almighty Google, of course, which no one predicted.

Kurien Mathews and Narayan Kumar, the quintessential business dude-meets-creative guy pair, opened shop in 2009 and still meddle in everyday proceedings. Kurien doesn’t always wear a tie, though Narayan always wears his hair long. And they still think of Kimi Katkar.

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