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By Sharan Saikumar

sharan saikumar cartoon I log on to Twitter this morning feeling peckish. To my happy surprise my friendly idli-walla who runs a small tin shack around the corner has just tweeted that a fresh batch of idlis has rolled out of the steamer, ready to be eaten. Fact or fiction? Well, somewhere between the two.

My semi-literate ildli-walla who has never used a laptop in his life or tweeted his daily personal angst can now with the twist of a knob announce to the world that his product is ready for the taking. Joining him are my florist who is happy to declare a 20% off on his birds of prey which are wilting on a particularly humid morning and even my DVD-walla who has just tweeted the arrival of the much awaited Love Aaj Kal – now up for grabs on a first come first serve.

These three trigger happy tweeters can be joined by others like the provision store around the corner or your favorite hotel which has persihable room nights and has announced a killer offer. All this and more is possible with BakerTweet. This simple device takes the pressure off a business to be net savvy, technologically advanced with a geek sitting in their office passing off for a ‘digital marketeer’.

All you need to tweet your business offering to your followers is BakerTweet which when installed in your shop makes digital marketing as simple as turning the dial and hitting the button, which is immensely comforting in a country like ours where wifi’d laptops in the hands of our small entrepreneurs may be a pipe-dream but a simple working knowlege of email and the basics of the English Alphabet may be amply available.

The first BakerTweet device has been installed at the Albion Cafe on Boundary Street in Shoreditch, London. To know more visit, while I run out and grab my idli!