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By Siddharth Prasad

siddharth prasad metal communicationsInvented a new language. This language, described as ‘a futuristic language from a distant planet’, is called Loxian. Why would someone want to invent a language?

Roma Ryan did it because she was writing lyrics for some of Enya’s music and nothing she wrote in English or Latin had the rhythm and cadence to fit the music well. So, rather than compromise, she invented. And because the language was custom-made for the purpose, the songs do sound quite outstanding (check out ‘The River Sings’ from the album Amarantine).

I often run into these limitations of the English language too. You may have felt like it yourself occasionally. You grope around for something to describe something, but somehow none of the words you know quite fit. Rather than compromise, I invent. It can be a deeply satisfying thing to finally be able to express exactly what you feel.

Example: If someone was to ask me what’s going on at home, I’d tell them we’re ‘admissioning’. You won’t find it in the dictionary, but it describes a very important activity that most of us have to undertake once or twice in our lives – the complex set of processes involved in trying to secure the admission for your offspring into a nursery school. If you’ve been there, you’ll understand; if you haven’t, just take my word for it. And that’s ‘admissioning’. Believe me, ‘getting my kid into nursery’ doesn’t even come close. In fact, admissioning isn’t just a set of activities; it’s a state of being, a condition. Fortunately, it passes. But you still need a word for it while you’re undergoing it.

In fact the only reason that a word hasn’t already been formally invented for this is that while you’re admissioning your frame of mind is such that you generally tend to use words with four letters only.

Wonder what they’d call it in Loxian.