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ATS Builders

ATS Builders, NOIDA

The Challenge

Despite enjoying an excellent reputation locally for on time delivery and quality of construction, outside of NOIDA ATS was unknown and the catchment for customers for real estate in NOIDA was the entire NCR.

Craft a credible identity for a then unknown real estate player in NOIDA in the big boys’ club of the NCR’s real estate companies.

The Opportunity

Long before RERA, in a world where builders were notorious for project delays, cost overruns and corrupt practices, ATS was like a breath of fresh air – clean, on time deliveries and a great quality product.

The Solution

ATS. The better way home.


ATS is today among the most credible and trusted real estate players in the NCR region with a clearly established brand that stands for the values they deliver.

Isn't word of mouth good enough?

No, good news travels slowly.

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