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Axis Mutual Fund

Relax. It’s Axis.

The Challenge

To launch the 37th mutual fund in India in 2011.

Connect relevantly with the core audience group – the investing middle class male, who was already over exposed to money oriented messaging not just from other mutual funds but also from banks, insurance companies and NBFCs

The Opportunity

Almost the entire segment of financial companies were preaching the process and listing their products; it was either how they will manage the money or how many different ways they can manage the money. This feature and product communication overdrive was missing one simple point – the consumer was not a finance expert and the jargon laden talk was not helping much.

The Solution

Our solution was to build the brand on a promise that was universal when it came to money – peace of mind. And also connect the mother brand – Axis – to harness its decade-long equity and trust in favour of the newly born mutual fund brand.

Our solution was ‘Relax. It’s Axis.’


Axis Mutual Fund was ranked no. 11 in AUM in Mar. 2017 – a jump of 17 places in 5 years. Over the last five years Axis Mutual and METAL together have build a distinctive identity for Axis Mutual Fund in the highly competitive, crowded and noisy BFSI market.

Mutual funds, anyone?

What you don't understand, you ignore.

Hey, relax! It's Axis.

We wanted to work with people who were hungry and you guys are ravenous. Ever so rooted to reality and ever so willing to go back to the drawing board till both parties are convinced.

Rajiv Anand

Head - Consumer Banking, Axis Bank

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