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Warren Buffet’s Berkshire

Berkshire & Warren Buffet

The Challenge

Warren Buffett’s legendary Berkshire Hathaway was making its first ever entry into India, starting with the auto insurance space. This brand had to be launched to the Indian car owners, in a market already dominated for long by well-established and well-funded players.

Our challenge was to get an unknown name – Berkshire Insurance – to connect with the Indian audience and get them to enquire about the brand. If we could start off with enquiries, the product would win.

The Opportunity

There was nothing new about car insurance. Traditionally, people were used to evaluating the product and purchasing comparatively – and Berkshire was confident of winning this battle. But there was a daily developing scenario as far as motoring was concerned. With infrastructure development and evolving social situations, life was getting interesting for the Indian motorist. And there was a story to tell here, which no one really was.

The Solution

Berkshire Insurance – the social sutradhar (storyteller). Visualised through a little bird, Berkshire became a chronicler of social issues. Every morning, people woke up to a fresh take on issues around them – whether it was the Bangalore traffic situation or the latest cricket scores.


The owner of the voice – Berkshire – became a highly recalled name. The website registered daily enquiries in double digits within a very short time from the launch.

Can there be anything as boring as auto insurance?

Become interesting with snippets of news and views.

So people will say a little bird told me.

What's your story? Tell it well.