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Identity Theft Protection

The Challenge

While we have benefitted tremendously from the advent of data digitisation and the smartphone, especially in terms of speed, convenience and connectivity to name a few, they have also opened up a new, unprecedented threat to us – in terms of information theft, online frauds and data misuse. The biggest among these is identity theft and it is a reality in India.

Our challenge was to make the digitally connected and savvy Indian aware of identity theft and its consequences.

The Opportunity

CPP is a global leader in information protection and data security, helping over 5 million people across 15 global markets cope with data and modern living threats. We knew that if we could get the digital Indian to take notice of the imminent danger to his personal information, he or she would take the action to enquire and even convert.

The Solution

While financial fraud, digital or otherwise, is not new in India and people are aware of it, identity theft and its widespread, damaging consequences are not so well known. One of the main reasons for this is that it can be months, even years, before the aggrieved person even realises that there is a digital impersonator out there.

The idea was to simply showcase, in a compelling visual manner, that there could be another ‘you’ out there. Someone who has nothing to do with you, whose actions and intentions are malicious and dangerous, even antisocial, and who the rest of the world assumes and believes to be you.



CPP’s ‘You v/s You’ campaign was highly effective in making people aware of the dangers of identity theft. The digital enquiries increased manifold and increased service detail enquiries were testimony to the fact that people were interested in protecting themselves against a possibility that they did not even know existed till before the campaign.

There's someone out there...

Pretending to be you.

Time to become savvy.

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