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Dainik Bhaskar

Unmetro your mind.

The Challenge

Despite being India’s largest read newspaper, Dainik Bhaskar was not able to command advertising rates and volumes of metro-based English language dailies with lower readership.

Our challenge was to convince marketers and media planners that there existed significant business opportunities in markets outside the metro cities – the Tier II and Tier III towns.

The Opportunity

Market data showed us that since the turn of the millennium there was a significant uptake in consumption patterns of all FMCG brands among the non-metro middle class and was gaining more and more traction. The action was shifting to the non-metros and Dainik Bhaskar was right in the middle of it all.

The Solution

Since the launch of the ‘Unmetro your Mind’ campaign in 2013, advertising revenues have seen a significant shift from metro markets to Class I, II & III towns as brands discovered new emerging consumers. Further ‘Unmetro your Mind’ has evolved to become a significant on-ground property for Dainik Bhaskar with spinoffs in events and conferences.



Dainik Bhaskar saw a significant upswing in advertising revenues since the campaign broke in 2013 and continued till 2015.

Media planners live in cities.

A lot of growing India doesn't.

Time to unmetro your mind!

METAL’s approach of seeing opportunity and efficiently exploiting it within a set budget was mostly on the mark. One of the wonderful projects the team worked on was the rebranding of Tier-II and III towns as UnMetro and communicating the potential to the clients who were primarily metro-based. It has been wonderful to work with a team that one could depend on to deliver.

Sanjeev Kotnala

Vice President, National Marketing, Dainik Bhaskar Group

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