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Lovely Professional University

LPU. #ThinkBig.

The Challenge

The largest single campus university in India. 30,000+ students from across the world. 4,000 faculty and staff. 200+ programmes on offer. An an alumni network spanning the global corporate world from Google and Apple to Microsoft and Yahoo. That’s Lovely Professional University, one of Punjab’s finest and India’s best kept secrets. How should you tell this story to the young, school-leaving audience in India when they are considering higher education after standard 12?

The Opportunity

India, possibly the youngest country in the world, is only getting younger. India’s global ambitions are no longer an unfolding story. It is now very much in play. And ambition is a young person’s game. It rides on the back of the youth. When we spoke to school leaving students from across the country – from New Delhi to Bangalore and Mumbai to Kolkata, their aspirations and plans knew no bounds. Bold, unprecedented and limitless in their quest to conquer; their plans for their lives ahead echoed back one word – BIG. And not scared to be so.

The Solution

We knew LPU was the right incubator for their ambition. We had to now assure them, and their parents (the deciding factor in choosing a college). And the simplest, honest way to do that was to reflect their ambition in the university’s. If young India had big plans for itself, so did LPU. And the working credo for both was exactly what they were feeling too but could not articulate – THINK BIG.

Simple in its impact and powerful in its reach, THINK BIG was the cornerstone of the multi-media campaign built as the brand promise for LPU.



Today, THINK BIG is more than a campaign. Starting with a digital story about two young lives, it spanned national TV channels, print, magazines, student forums both online and offline and went on to become the anthem of LPU. THINK BIG is now embedded in everything the University does – from its convocational theme to its application programmes, its corporate philosophy to its new enrolment communication. Unaided recall for LPU shot up and application numbers for the new student year increased manifold. 

India... young and bold.

LPU... young and bold.

Time to #ThinkBig.

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