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Medimix Facewash

Nothing better than natural

The Challenge

Our challenge was how to make an Ayurvedic face wash, by a soap brand, relevant and desirable to an audience used to heavy usage of cosmetic face washes from large, well-advertised brands.

The Opportunity

While it was true that urban young women were used to cosmetic face washes, upon deeper enquiry it emerged that they were facing lacklustre and worn out skin from continuous usage.

So, while face washes were a constant companion to our audience because of the dust and pollution they encountered in their everyday city life, the price they were paying for using such products was dull, lifeless skin.

Medimix Ayurvedic face wash on the other hand, with its specially formulated herbs and ingredients, actually revitalised the skin with regular use.

The Solution

Urban young women are living an active, out-of-home lifestyle, balancing work or college and social life. This leads to a natural exposure to dust and pollution and using cosmetic face washes only leads to dull skin over time.

They were aware of this but had little choice in the matter.

In other words, they were guilty. This conflict was highlighted in the promise of ‘innocent’ skin – where the women did not have to compromise on their skin during their day-to-day lives.



Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash market share has gone up by 2.5 times since its launch. The rate of growth in the market share has actually surpassed larger brands with decades of presence in the market in the quarter following the launch.

Will you fight man-made pollution with:

a) Man-made cosmetics OR

b) All-natural Medimix Facewash?

Metal proved it’s creative strength by delivering 15% growth last year for Medimix. Their ideas are fresh and create an edge for the brand in the market. The team is clearly focused on brand success.

Pradeep Cholayil

Managing Director, Cholayil Limited

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