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Medimix Glycerine Soap

Nothing better than natural

The Challenge

Ayurveda is an ancient science with no real connect with the youth. Ergo, today’s India feels it is not for them.

So, our challenge was to find new meaning and relevance in new markets and with younger audiences for an Indian Ayurvedic brand of soaps with a time-tested legacy.

The Opportunity

While Ayurveda may not have traction with the youth, today’s young people are also quite tired of the cosmetic, chemical and artificial way of life. They seek a more ‘natural’ way of life – which is reflecting in the growing popularity of yoga, natural healing and natural, unprocessed food.

The Solution

We connected Medimix with the promise of ‘natural’ and made the brand a contemporary one without losing its Ayurvedic credibility roots. The refreshed brand positioning – Medimix. Nothing better than natural. – was showcased through the Natural Glycerine variant.



In the last 24 months YTD Dec 2017, Medimix (across all soap variants) has grown at 15% as against the popular soap category growth rate of < 2%. METAL’s long relationship with the brand grows ever stronger with deep involvement in core business areas including planning new products and market opportunities.

Too busy to care about Ayurveda?

OK. Now try ignoring this:

There's nothing better than natural!

Metal proved it’s creative strength by delivering 15% growth last year for Medimix. Their ideas are fresh and create an edge for the brand in the market. The team is clearly focused on brand success.

Pradeep Cholayil

Managing Director, Cholayil Limited


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