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Platinum Day of Love

The Challenge

Find relevance for a foreign white metal in India – a market dominated by yellow gold for centuries. If you are a jewellery brand not part of “weddings” you will forever remain small and irrelevant.

The Opportunity

Uniquely, in India people first get married and then fall in love. And this insight is applicable for a majority of Indians – we are talking millions of people across income, educations and social strata.

Just look at the boom in the planned wedding market (with brands like Bharat Matrimony and Shaadi).

The Solution

Platinum Day of Love – a ‘day’ when two people who are married fall in love. Beautifully, accidentally, memorably. And this day can happen any time. In fact, it is even more beautiful because it is unplanned. Commemorate that day with Platinum Love Bands – a pair of rings that have that date etched on them.



India is one of the fastest growing markets for platinum in the world, displacing the US and other European markets. Investments in India have grown fivefold in the last six years, with major retailers like Tanishq and Orra now stocking Platinum Love Bands.

Love after marriage.

Hence Platinum Day of Love.

Only in India!

Our relationship with Team METAL is more than 12 years old, and this has been a wonderful partnership in a great journey together.

Vaishali Banerjee

Managing Director, Platinum Guild India

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