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Policy Bazaar

Maaji knows best.

The Challenge

Buying an insurance policy can be a trying experience – with hundreds of options and reams of fine print. With Policy Bazaar, this experience becomes quite simple with clear comparison tables and helpful tips across hundreds of policies for the customer to get guided by and make an informed purchase decision.

And actually save money in premiums as well.The problem is, how to get people to come to the site in order to try the brand out for themselves?

The Solution

The insurance policy buyer in the family is more often than not the man. And the process of policy purchase has traditionally been through agent-push. So much so, that the whole process is a guided tour of the buyer by the insurance agent, who no doubt, has his agenda to serve (commissions). To get the man to come to the site, his entire purchase behaviour had to be changed. In fact, he had to be jolted out of his current auto-pilot behaviour for him to truly see the value and make the effort.

We needed to identify and leverage the source of this jolt, someone who had both the credibility as well as the sanction to shock the great Indian middle class man out of his blind behaviour and try a new one. Our idea was simple – the MOTHER, or Maa Ji, was the one woman who had the power and the practice of preaching to the man and getting away with it as well as getting results from it. No matter how difficult he may be with anyone else, the Indian man always deferred to his Maa Ji.



The Maa Ji series of television ads across products, starting with auto insurance, proved incredibly successful for the brand. From high recall and memorability scores to high website traffic, increased session times and enquiries leading to conversion – Maa Ji became synonymous with the core, no-nonsense promise of brand Policy Bazaar.

You can't be bothered with insurance.

Because insurance is boring.

Unless your mother told you otherwise!

Get the audience to understand the importance of buying & comparing online at the moment of truth, i.e., while they were signing the dotted line to buy Car, Health and other forms of insurance. That was the brief. METAL helped generate the ‘Maa Campaign’ for us. They provided an exceptional turnaround campaign which resonated with our audiences and helped deliver multiple growth in our direct traffic. Creativity, agility and great common sense are the hallmarks of their success.

Anuj Bhagia

AVP, Marketing & Communications, Policy Bazaar

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