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Senco Gold & Diamonds

Senco. And Vidya Balan.

The Challenge

SENCO Gold, a 75-year-old highly successful and respected regional jewellery retail chain from Kolkata, East India planned to go national and launch the brand in the rest of the country.

While brand recall was high with the disruptive launch campaign that showed Saurav Ganguly, ex-cricketer and TV star from Kolkata, our challenge was to make the unique connection of superior and nuanced jewellery craftsmanship from Kolkata with brand SENCO.

The Opportunity

While almost every big jewellery retailer was using a Bollywood star as brand endorser and telling stories of beauty and romance, no one was telling the craftsmanship story – the real differentiator when it came to product choice and brand loyalty.

The Solution

Stepping aside from the race to hunt out the latest Bollywood sensation and snapping her up for an endorsement deal, we went to a Bollywood veteran whose claim to fame was neither momentary nor unidimensional.

We chose Vidya Balan, a true craftsman who has essayed wide-ranging and challenging roles, from the nuanced to the complex, and has consistently been awarded for her performance skills.

These values truly represented what SENCO’s approach to jewellery design and craftsmanship was as well and there was a seamless, albeit irrational, connection between Vidya and Kolkata that already existed in public perception.



SENCO Gold stores, following the months after the Vidya Balan campaign broke nationally across mediums, saw unusually high enquiries and purchase of heavier, complex wedding jewellery – something that was never risked with a ‘new’ brand.

Research shows that the brand is now solidly lodged in the perception of women across India as a name to reckon with when it came to well designed, complex jewellery meant for high involvement occasions like weddings.

How can Senco go wrong...

When North and South love the same woman...

Whom the East claims as its own.

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