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Senco Gold & Diamonds

Senco. Gold from Kolkata.

The Challenge

One of West Bengal’s (and the East’s) best-known and well-respected jewellers embarked upon a pan-India expansion drive, with a handicap of not being known by anyone outside of West Bengal.

Jewellers from Kerala and other states like Malabar, Joy Alukkas, Kalyan and PN Gadgil had already started their pan-India expansion a few years prior with high decibel advertising and A-List celebrity endorsements.

The Opportunity

A lesser known yet insightful fact is that, even in faraway Kerala, Punjab and Rajasthan, most of the fine craftsmen in the jewellery business are of Bengali origin.

The Solution

No matter what your jewellery design may be, it has likely been made by Kolkata craftsmanship.

As an endorsement, to break clutter and to connect the East with the rest of the country, Saurav Ganguly was taken on board as emblematic of the pride of Bengal and its craftsmanship.


Senco Gold and Diamonds became a well-known and recalled brand standing for Kolkata craftsmanship and jewellery sales in new markets like Bangalore and the NCR climbed manifold.

Famous in Kolkata.

Unknown everywhere else.

Sourav Ganguly, pad up please.

We wanted to work with a creative agency that had both experience in jewellery and brand building as well as people we can resonate with. METAL’s disruptive idea of launching SENCO nationally, being a brand from Kolkata, by using Sourav Ganguly who both embodied Kolkata’s essence as well as was recognised across India was ground breaking. Our campaign was noticed and recalled in a sea of jewellery advertising filled with beautiful women of Bollywood.

Suvankar Sen

Executive Director, SENCO Gold & Diamonds

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